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For Corporate and Promotional Video Production, Global 7 Marketing offers a full range of production services. We combine corporate styled creativity, focused content and digital marketing expertise to connect with your audience. Our years’ of experience working with the corporate, legal and financial sectors means we are the first choice for law firms, accountancy firms, advisory firms, CEOs and CFOs.
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The planning stage is crucial so that the final content is creative, engaging and informative. Our editorial journalists and video production team will work with you to create a detailed plan of the content and what will happen on the filming day/s. Our skilled and experienced team will create a plan so that all content is optimised for search engines as well as advising on the best media channels to ensure maximum visibility.


All our Corporate Videos benefit from our use of high-end TV production values; broadcast quality HD cameras together with professional lighting, microphones and accessories.


Once each corporate video production is complete, we ensure all companies benefit from the right delivery media;

- Web-ready files to add your video to your website
- An HD file of your corporate production to create a company You Tube or Vimeo channel
- An optional looped-play DVD or digital file (for public spaces, exhibitions, company open days etc.)


Creating a polished and professional corporate video is not enough. The key to the success of any video is to ensure that it will be seen by as many people as possible - within a given target audience. Our digital marketing experts will work with you to so that your video is Google-optimised, available on multiple channels (YouTube, Vimeo) and assist in creating a social media campaign.