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Our Data

Our data has been built up over almost a decade and is specific to 3 core groups.
1. Individuals that operate within the Legal sector.
2. Individuals that operate within the Financial sector.
3. Individuals who are classified as C-Level executives/Business owners, across all industry sectors.
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Engaging Content

Creating engaging content is key if you want your message to be read and then acted on. We have nearly a decade’s experience in creating email messages that get through to a corporate clientele; from the importance of the subject line, to the first sentence of your message, to strategically placed calls to action, we can help you create or refine your message to ensure above industry standard open rates. Our in-house journalists and digital marketing team can help you to create an engaging message that creates awareness, builds relationships. We can also help develop content that is email and web browser friendly – ensuring greater open rates and higher click-through rates than industry standards.

Optimised Delivery

Our bespoke emailing system ‘Email Logic TM’ uses powerful dedicated servers which are constantly monitored for speed, performance and reliability. We are able to manage our database through our Email Logic TM system to ensure that our data is up-to-date and that bounce-backs and unsubscribes are dealt with immediately to ensure a ‘clean’ database that performs for our clients.

Post-Campaign Analysis.

Proving ROI is a critical part of any sales and marketing campaign. We are able to provide you with the analytics you need to ensure the campaign message was the right one and/or tweak future messages based on the post campaign analysis and reporting



Prices start from 795 GBP. All packages are tailor-made for each client. To create your ideal package please get in touch – james@global7marketing.com or call 01543 267634

Data Checker

For More information, contact James Southern on 0044 (0) 1543 267 634
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