Social Media Marketing

Get social - Why does your business need a social media presence?

Social media gets you talking with your existing and prospective customers. When customers actively engage with you and your brand, they will actively shout about what you do across their social platforms which can have a massive positive impact on your reputation and Google rankings.
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Social Media is rapid!

Updates to all the major social platforms happen all the time with each platform competing to offer the very latest trends. On top of this, new apps and platforms are added almost daily so consumers have an ever great choice.
The job of our social media team is to be across all the latest social platform developments so that you can connect with your clients in the most effective and engaging way. next

Social Media Audit

We take a good long look at who your audience is and who you want to reach. We then take a look at your existing social channels and ensure you are using the right one based on who you are reaching out to. next

Build, Build, Build

We’ll strategically target users and decision makers in your industry to follow, connect and monitor in order to put your brand front-of-mind with those who will make a difference. We’ll use the right tone and start conversations that build trust and engagement. next

Strategic Posting

Do you have clients in Singapore, USA, UK, and even Timbuktu? Then you need to target people at different times and on different platforms. For example Instagram is the preferred platform of choice in the UAE whilst in the UK Facebook still reigns supreme, having this depth of knowledge can really make the difference. next

Social Advertising

Social advertising can and does boost engagement and website traffic to new heights. We’ll work with you to agree a budget and devise a campaign. next

The Stats

We will provide comprehensive monthly reports detailing how your social media profiles are having a positive effect on your business and that what we are doing is meeting agreed KPIs! next

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