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About Our Data

The success of any sales and/or marketing initiative is highly dependent on data. Global 7 Marketing Services (G7) is a joint-venture with its parent company, Universal Media Ltd. As such G7 Marketing is able to draw on years of experience in publishing legal and financial magazines, specifically - (LAWYER MONTHLY magazine and FINANCE MONTHLY magazine, both magazines are audited by ABC, ABC Certificate LM / ABC Certificate FM); as well as experience in publishing business publications, journals, industry reports and guides. We manage and analyse information about lawyers, those operating in the financial services sector and corporate decision makers – across all sectors and industries.
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We maintain lists that contain the following general categories

Demographics — Gender, occupation/job function, company type, sector/industry, practice area, geographic information, seniority level

Global 7 Marketing Services’ data comes from sources such as:

- Magazine subscriptions
- Client accounts including the top 100 international law firms
- Journal and guide contributors
- Social Media requests
- Research data
- International marketing affiliates next

Our Data Collection Practices

Global 7 Marketing Services is a leader in providing marketing services to the corporate sector. We follow all best data management and collection practices. These practices include careful screening of data sources and ongoing internal data management. We believe that the quality of our data is second to none based on our data management policies and data sources.

Sample Data

If you would like to see a sample of the data, based on your specifications, then please get in touch.

Using our data

Global 7 Marketing Services offer a range of data services. These include:

Data rental – You rent our data based on your specific target audience requirements. Your email campaign is delivered using our sophisticated mailing and tracking system. For more information click here, or get in touch.

Data purchase – Selected data available for purchase. Sample data available.

To discuss your requirements please get in touch