How to create a viral video?

Have you ever wondered what is the magic behind videos which goes viral with an amazing global reach? With over 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every day, the competition for this new type of fame is fierce but it can happen to everyone. Including you!


  1. Be short

You have only 8 seconds to shine! You must build some interest within this time. Otherwise you will loose.

Analysis of the top ten most popular YouTube videos shows that the shortest was 42 seconds, and the longest was 9 minutes and 15 seconds. The average video length was 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

A survey published in The New York Times found more than 19 percent of people had left a video after only 10 seconds. By a minute in, the video had lost a staggering 44 percent of viewers.


  1. Be Inspiring

Touch the people’s feelings. Give them something they need in their busy and stressful life.

Inspire your audience, show your knowledge and expertise, be a Star!


  1. High-quality

Go for high-quality production. There are companies that spend millions and millions of dollars trying to create viral videos.

Therefore, if you’re just starting out and don’t have a big budget, it’s okay to start a little scrappy and produce a video on your own.


  1. Promotion

If you are thinking about promoting your video you must do the research. You must think about your audience. How are you going to target it to? What is the best video topic? Once you are ready you can use Social Media PPC campaigns or content discovery platforms. Just remember that you will need some budget.


  1. Release on Monday or Tuesday

Tuesday is better though. Mondays are usually hard as everyone must catch up with the emails and don’t forget people are mostly engaging with Social Media in working hours. Lunch time is best. Don’t expect big blast if you release your video on weekend, Friday afternoon or holidays.


  1. Be prepare to deal with fame

People will comment. They will comment a lot. Nice comments, appreciating ones but haters will speak too. Don’t worry about it! That’s your time and it can change your life!